Limitless Joy

1:1 Mentorship

Your 6 month portal to designing your JUICY life with deeply fulfilling self-love, 

sex, relationships, & career experiences!

If this program feels aligned for you, then please reach out to book your free connection call. The call will be structured to discuss your intention and goals, to see if this program is actually a perfect fit for you.

From there, if it feels like a FUCK YES from both of us to work together, you will receive an invitation to join the program!

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 What is Limitless Joy?

Do you experience:

-Perfectionism, focus on "get it right", or feeling like you're failing?

-Being in your mind more than your body? Always feeling tired but wired? Endless to do lists?

-Imposter syndrome? Feeling like you're constantly behind or not "doing enough"?

-People pleasing? Not stating & overstepping your boundaries?

-Seeking validation outside of you, through work promotions, achievements, social media "likes", etc.?

-Lacking deep self-love & trust? Not being able to express yourself FULLY?

-Feeling like something is missing? But you can't quite put your finger on it?

The above are just some of the things that hold you back from being UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU.

Limitless Joy is a 1:1 mentorship that will give you the exact tools, thought work, teachings, and embodiment you need to release limiting thoughts, patterns, behaviors & more! This allows you to design a pleasure based life filled with personal and professional success.

What does that look like?

A life full of relationships that make your heart sing, 💓


and pinch-me-can’t-believe- this-is-real-career-experiences 😍

all based in a foundation of 

UNSHAKEABLE self-love, self-trust, pleasure, ease, & confidence.



Do know what a life WITHOUT 

overwhelm, guilt, shame, & self sabotage looks like?


It looks like:

-Walking on the beach wearing a bikini without a cover up, breathing into your belly, & embracing the skin dimples on your thighs. Without worrying other people's opinions on YOUR body

-Getting a raise, promotion, or new client & celebrating yourself!! Without feeling like you need to prove that you deserved it

-Trusting in your worth, value, process, & pace. Not feeling like an imposter, "not enough", or behind

-Being so in love with yourself, that a relationship is a nice bonus to share even more love with someone else, but not a measurement of your worth

-Feeling so connected to your essence, to the core of who you are, what makes you YOU, your authentic expression unapologetically. Without feeling like you need to make yourself smaller or shine less

-Finding a balance between the feminine & masculine energies within yourself. You feel nourished, grounded, and powerful

-You love your work & being able to contribute your skills, but your work output is not tied to your self worth

-Having a playful, receptive, expansive, & exciting relationship with money! Without any fear, guilt, or shame

-Money is a fun energy & a way to express your desires and vision in a bigger way! But it never feels like an indicator of your worth

-You welcome rest & allow yourself to recharge guilt free. You don't feel like you have to "earn" rest.

-You welcome pleasurable experiences & bring sensuality into your every day. You enjoy your food & the flavors, without obsessing over the calories


-Your self pleasure practice is alive & flourishing. You thrive in your identity as a sexual being & release any shame around your pleasure

-Sexual experiences with a partner feel like a different way to play, connect, & enjoy yourself. You're connected to your body, breath, & sound, not stuck in your head

-You express your thoughts, emotions, & values unapologetically in all settings. You're not afraid to speak your truth, you trust your wisdom, & don't look to others who "have better things to say"

-You're number one priority is to not disappoint yourself, even if that means disappointing others

-You have clear, firm, loving boundaries and surround yourself with people who honor them

-You don't need to go out of your way to "get people to like you". You know you are wonderfully YOU & people who resonate will find you

-The people in your life are a wonderful bonus, but they don't validate you or your worth

-You are only willing to be in relationships that feel fully aligned to your vision of love. You are willing to end relationships that don't meet that & be happily single until you do

-You don't bend over backwards or make yourself smaller to appease others/get approval

I can go on, but I think you get the point. This mentorship is going to be wildly, life changing.

You're invited to design an abundant, orgasmic, & joyful life! Your current body, nervous system, and being has a set point of how much joy, pleasure, and success it can currently experience comfortably. This is called your upper limit. When you start to get close to your upper limit, it can feel really uncomfortable and you can go into patterns of self sabotage, overwhelm, guilt, or shame. 

My invitation is for you to experience that your joy can in fact be LIMITLESS.

Why do I think JOY is an ESSENTIAL ingredient in your life & not just nice to have?🤗

Have you ever checked off all the things you THINK you want in life & then still feel empty? Like something is missing? 🤔

You know what’s missing? JOY!!! 🥳

What if I told you that your life DEPENDS on your JOY?

Guess what? IT DOES!! 💯

JOY keeps you in touch with the REAL YOU & your heart’s deepest desires.💗

JOY is your true north, the compass, that will lead you to YOUR UNIQUE path.

The life journey that is meant for you & ONLY you.💁🏽‍♀️

JOY is the fire, passion, & elixir for your sex life that will make you feel TRULY ALIVE. 💦 🔥

JOY is the VITAL ingredient for your overall health & well being.🥰

JOY is necessary for true professional success.😎 💰

JOY is the IT FACTOR for healthy & deeply fulfilling relationships 💜

JOY creates magic & gives you the life beyond your wildest imagination. 🪄 😍

My desire is for you to relentlessly follow your JOY. 💃🏽

JOY is a practice. It’s like building a muscle. Over time, you will become a powerful JOY machine.💪🏽

If this sparks something in you, I invite you to book your free connection call, to see if Limitless Joy is the perfect next step for you. 

The call will be structured to discuss your intention and goals, to see if this program is actually a perfect fit for you.

From there, if it feels like a FUCK YES from both of us to work together, you will receive an invitation to join the program!

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This is for you if:

✧You're a woman, man, or non-binary

✧You're single, in a relationship, "it's complicated", or whatever else

✧You want to deepen your sensuality & sexuality, whether you see yourself as a "sexual person" or not

 ✧You feel disconnected to your creativity 

✧Productivity is your life blood and identity

✧Your orgasm feels like a sneeze & you're seeking WAVES of pleasure

✧You're a perfectionist to your own detriment & really focus on "getting it right"

✧You experience pain, discomfort, numbness, or apathy during sex

✧You feel "meh" or "bleh" about life right now

✧You tend to be a people pleaser & put others' needs before your own

✧Your heart sings when you hear "Limitless Joy" as a possibility

✧You've lost your drive & sense of aliveness

✧You want to GLOW UP & feel RADIANT

✧You want to be able to describe you & your life as JUICY as fuck

✧You want to make an impact & express your power in the world with ease

✧You want to be able to communicate your needs, desires, & boundaries with ease

✧You want to be a confident leader in your workplace

✧You want to be able to express your truth & yourself unapologetically

✧You want to excel in your career without overwhelm & burnout

✧You want to empower your relationship to money, abundance, & wealth

✧You want to design a relationship that aligns with your vision of love

✧You want to have an unshakeable foundation of self-love and acceptance

✧You want to call in the partner of your dreams

✧You want to be able to navigate your limiting thoughts, emotions, beliefs, patterns, & behaviors

There is SO MUCH MORE, so if you have specific questions about if this mentorship will be a perfect fit, I highly encourage you to book a free connection call.

I want you to know, I see you, & have so much love and compassion for where you're at. I want to assure you, there are SO MANY amazing possibilities that await you!

You will learn how to:

✧Design your pleasure based life filled with personal & professional success

✧Feel genuinely powerful, sexy, & confident in the bedroom and boardroom

✧Design a JUICY life with deeply fulfilling love, sex, relationships, & career experiences

✧Truly enjoy yourself & be more present during sexual experiences and not in your head

✧Get that GLOW and bring ALIVENESS back into your body & being

✧Stop being a people-pleaser & embrace supportive boundaries 

✧Reset your nervous system & receive deep rest without feeling guilty

✧Navigate overwhelm, avoid burnout, & create the impact you desire without depleting yourself

✧Understand & communicate your needs and desires in a powerfully unapologetic way 

✧Cultivate a deeper understanding of your body & pleasure, so that your sexual experiences are out of this world

✧Expand your upper limit to receive Limitless Joy, Pleasure, & Expansion unapologetically 

✧Cultivate a deeper understanding and embodiment of your sensuality & sexuality, so that you really come alive as the sexual being that you are!

✧Navigate Shadow Work to help you integrate your limiting thoughts, behaviors, patterns, and beliefs that hold you back from being unapologetically YOU

✧Honor yourself on all levels & celebrate you by embodying a Deep Self Love and Acceptance!

✧Navigate guilt, shame, anger, grief, & self-sabotage with safety, so that you can understand these emotions and release them

✧Connect to your energy body & understand your Sacral Chakra (Sexual Energy Center)

✧Cultivate deep presence throughout your day, so that you're not always rushing

✧Design a life that turns you on

✧Navigate your money story & increase your ability to accumulate wealth in a whole new way!

✧Sustain your joy in times of loss or chaos

✧Magnetize the life you desire to you by welcoming high vibration people, experiences, and opportunities into your life

✧Live from your true essence as Your Highest Sensual Self

✧Receive everything--gifts, compliments, life, love--with ease & confidence                            

✧Sooo much more!

You will receive:

✧Access to the course modules which have practical teachings, tools, templates, insights, and processes for you to really learn how to live your Limitless Joy! So not just knowledge for your mind, but for deeper processing into your body, energy, subconscious, & beyond!

✧12 calls of 90 mins each 1:1 with me

(10 sessions + 2 bonus sessions).

You will receive support & accountability throughout your journey here. There is space for questions, coaching, integration, embodiment, and celebrations!

Safe container to transform into the Most ALIVE Version of You

My knowledge and experience that comes from over a decade of walking & living this path myself (plus all the trainings, retreats, mentorships, etc. I’ve invested in)

Guidance that prevents you from investing your time, energy, & money in the wrong places

Sooo much more!


If this program feels aligned for you, then please reach out to book your free connection call. The call will be structured to discuss your intention and goals, to see if this program is actually a perfect fit for you.

From there, if it feels like a FUCK YES from both of us to work together, you will receive an invitation to join the program!

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Nicole M.

"When I first met Shannon I was very sensitive, overwhelmed, and unaware of how much my mental chatter was bringing me down and moving me away from my pleasure & joy. I had limiting beliefs about myself, felt disconnected from my sexuality, and had barriers around expressing my needs/desires/boundaries. I was hopeful, but skeptical, because to imagine seeing joy as limitless seemed too good to be true! But after speaking with Shannon about those doubts and what she was offering, I felt it de-mysticized it a bit more and made it feel more possible to achieve. 

Because of this course I feel more in tune with how to ask for what I need and more in tune with my body and subtle/sensual sensations. I feel more sexually alive or "there" for sex and less in my head. I enjoyed the questions it made me ask myself about how I related to my body and to my pleasure. 

The modules were well-structured and made me realize that I can use structure and convenient tools not to just to be "more productive", but also to feel more connected to myself. It was a beautiful experience! Thank you Shannon for the gentle guidance and push into a more authentic, joyful way to live! I could relate to you easily and go to a vulnerable place without fear because you were super non-judgmental and kind! 

I would recommend Shannon's work to women who have trouble expressing themselves, in life and in the bedroom. Also women who are chronically stressed and always rushing. I think they would benefit from exploring their thought patterns around pleasure, in order to reframe beliefs that keep them from getting to experience it in everyday life."

Natasha Y.

"When I met Shannon I felt like I had the world on my shoulders. I had so many responsibilities and was not clear about what I wanted and needed in my life. I wanted to dive deeper and get tools around how to live a more joyful life. But I was unsure about the timing because I already had a lot going on in my life. I wasn't sure if I could invest/commit to time for this mentorship and if I could afford it financially.

I had a call with Shannon and we talked about my hesitations and where I was at in my life. After that, it became clear to me this was actually the right time for me to dive in.

My biggest hurdle I have overcome is to connect my sensuality and sexuality. This was something I didn't really pay attention to or conscious about before. I learned to talk about it, to think about my needs and desires, to understand what pleasure is for me, and how to pleasure myself.

Life is now much more lighter for me. It's still a challenge with a busy life and motherhood, but I have the tools to keep myself centered and get in the right energy. My relationship with myself and with my partner got so much better. I am doing things that give me pleasure, because now I know what turns me on. And I've learned to let go more. 

Thank you Shannon for being there and guiding me on my journey. I send you so much love and gratitude!

I would recommend Shannon’s work to women who are at a crossroads; to women who don't know how they can change their life and forgot that they matter too. I believe her work can help them find their light and make them see that a joyful life is in their reach."

Isabelle P.

"Before I started this mentorship I was in a pretty dark place. I felt very hopeless, stuck, and low on energy & motivation. I was questioning everything in my life and just felt completely overwhelmed by it all. I started to become aware of my subconscious, but I lacked the tools and guidance to do anything with it at all. Instead it felt like my world had shattered and I wasn't sure which direction to follow. It was a result of ignoring my intuition for several years on end, until everything in my mind and body said it was enough.

Deep inside I knew right away I wanted to do this course because I immediately felt there was something really special and aligned about Shannon and her work. The only thing that kept me back was confronting the important people in my life that I wanted to do this and realizing the financial commitment that went along with it. I went from a full body yes to then my mind creeping in and feeding me stories of doubt. I felt unsure whether I was worth investing this much in and was afraid of how others would react to my decision. But I realized that I wanted this more than anything and that I needed to start choosing me. I knew that I needed to start making decisions based on my gut feeling if I wanted to feel better again.

I reached out to Shannon about my doubts and she guided me in such a compassionate and loving way. The things she said truly resonated with me. I knew it was a matter of daring to go for it, not a question of whether it was right for me.

Because of this course I have much more clarity in who I am, but also in the things that bring me joy. I also have learned to embrace, and even love, my shadows rather than push them away. I am so much more compassionate with myself and therefore also to others. I realize now more clearly than ever, how every little thing in life is connected and the way in which we are attuned to pleasure on an everyday basis is a huge sign on how we embrace pleasure in life as a whole. I now prioritize myself and my happiness, rather than constantly putting myself last. Really honoring myself and what my body tells me. I understand that this is a lifelong journey, but I am so extremely grateful for this experience and I am committed to continuously grow and learn more about myself going further.

I feel much more calm and stable, there's a sense of balance and understanding that I didn't have before. I know I have the tools and strength to tackle whatever comes my way and most of all I value my self worth. From buying myself a nice outfit, to eating a delicious meal with a glass of wine, I am learning to enjoy all the pleasures in life guilt free!

Shannon is such an amazing person, full of love, passion, and kindness. She is extremely knowledgeable and really holds a compassionate and judgement-free space for you always. I immediately felt comfortable with her, and was able to open up and release emotions already on day 1. I was always excited to enter a session with her because I knew how much deeper we would go and how much progress I kept making. I am so grateful to her and everything I've learned and I can't wait to see how our journeys unfold. I know we will meet again!

I honestly think the world would be a much better place if we all had access to the tools that allow us to understand ourselves better and to heal. This course is honestly designed for any human being that is looking for clarity and guidance. There is so much beautiful and rich material that I will continue to use and learn from for the rest of my life. If you are someone that is dedicated to working on yourself, who is open minded, and feels an attraction towards spirituality then this is a beautiful course that can help you achieve a new level of joy in your life."


 ✧ Opening Ceremony to invite in your Limitless Joy

✧ Access to my Deep Dive Video into the Sacral Chakra

✧ Access to Guided Embodiment Rituals 

 ✧ Closing Ceremony to help you integrate your new reality 

About Shannon 

I specialize in guiding highly ambitious people to design their life based on their turn on! I help you create a JUICY life dedicated to self love, with deeply fulfilling sex, relationships, & career experiences. I help you embody your deepest level of joy & pleasure, while living your Highest Potential and making the impact you desire. All this and more, to help you amplify your life & avoid burnout!

Did you know that pleasure is the complete opposite of burnout? With that in mind, my goal is for you to learn how to truly fucking enjoy your life. A life that is abundant, orgasmic, and joyful.

I'm a lifelong student and dedicated teacher of the intuitive and healing arts for almost 8 years.

I teach students how to bring deep spiritual practices into their daily life, in a very practical and accessible way. My aim is to present people with the tools to feel empowered, vibrant, and compassionate towards themselves and others. I have worked with over 15,000 clients all over the world in my classes, workshops, coaching, and healing sessions.

My unique skillset combination and my desire to help people expand into their most joyful & impactful versions of themselves have made me a “go-to” coach in the spirituality and mind-body space.

Schedule a free connection call to see if we'd be a good fit in working together! We'll discuss your intention and current goals. Look forward to learning more about You!

How long are you willing to accept things staying the same?

If this program feels aligned for you, then please reach out to book your free connection call. The call will be structured to discuss your intention and goals, to see if this program is actually a perfect fit for you.

From there, if it feels like a FUCK YES from both of us to work together, you will receive an invitation to join the program!

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