Shamanic Reiki

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Transformation & Evolution

What is Shamanic Reiki?

Reiki pronounced (Ray-Kee) is an ancient healing art that originated in Japan and was rediscovered in the 19th century by Mikao Usui. The word Reiki can be translated as Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki addresses all layers of your whole Being. It has the ability to re-harmonize your energetic body, which can in turn improve physical, mental, and emotional issues.

We are all powerful energetic beings, but due to our busy lives, relationships, familial patterns etc. we can lose our center of balance. Reiki is a powerful transformational tool, which helps bring you back to your Highest Self and promotes expansion into new levels of awareness.

You will find that there are many different ways of teaching the Reiki system. This lineage, beginning from Usui, has been passed down from Master to students through the centuries. I am using the traditional system, from the Japanese Usui Lineage, as I was taught by my mentor and teacher. Those initiated into Reiki by me are 13th in line from Usui.

Shamanic practices are also incorporated into this training which include how to work with the Elements, Cardinal Directions, your Spirit Guides, Ancestors, & more. This provides more of a comprehensive understanding for how to create Sacred Space, call upon the support of Your Team Unseen, & deepen the experience of this powerful energy work.

Master Training

The Reiki Master Training is the sacred space where deeper embodiment of the Reiki teachings unfold. You will learn what true Mastery means, how to walk the Shamanic Reiki path with unwavering integrity, and so much more. Additionally, if you choose, you will be able to offer Reiki trainings to clients after completing this training.

The program will cover:

  • Master Symbols
  • Heart Healing Attunement
  • Diving Deeper into the Chakras
  • Native Ritual
  • Walking the Shamanic Path
  • Working Holistically
  • How to Teach Reiki
  • How to Give Attunements
  • So much more!

Reiki Benefits

You will deepen the connection to your Highest Self on all levels.

You will learn the importance of consciously working with your energy and self care. This awareness will inevitably improve all areas of your life, your relationships, and so much more! This work can feel both strong & subtle, it's deeply profound and powerful.

Just a few of the healing benefits of Reiki Energy:

  • Boost your energy levels & overcome fatigue
  • Boost your immune system
  • Dissolve pain & tension in your body
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, & depression
  • More restful sleep
  • Heal past emotional traumas & wounds
  • Bring more clarity to all areas of your life
  • Speed up the recovery process during/after illness & surgery
  • Heal addictive tendencies
  • So much more!     

Training Format

  • This training is offered in person and online. The power of the training will be the same, whether it is in person or from a distance.
  • This journey is about learning to master yourself, so it will be 1:1 in order to create the space for a deeper experience and personal attention. 

Claim Your Spot!

To book your Shamanic Reiki Master Training, please email Shannon at [email protected] with your Full Name & your intention for joining the training. I look forward to sharing these powerful practices with you!

What will I receive from this training?

You will receive your manual, the Master Level attunement, and your certificate of attendance. 

Master Level qualifies you to teach Reiki, if you wish to do so! 

This training is over 16 sessions. Part 1 is 11 sessions. Part 2 is 5 Sessions. It can be a combination of in person & online or completely online.

Investment is $4444 for the entire training.

About Shannon 

Shannon Handa is a lifelong student and dedicated teacher of the intuitive and healing arts for over 8 years. She serves as a Spiritual Life Coach & Shamanic Reiki Master and Practitioner. She is also attuned to Multidimensional Therapy, which amplifies her energy work even further.

Shannon teaches students how to bring deep spiritual practices into their daily life, in a very practical and accessible way. She guides students to walk the Reiki path with unwavering trust, humility, and integrity. She aims to present students with the tools to feel empowered, vibrant, and compassionate towards themselves and others.

She has worked with over 15,000 students & clients all over the world in her classes, workshops, coaching, and healing sessions. Shannon’s unique skillset combination and her desire to help people expand into the fullest versions of themselves make her a “go-to” coach in the spirituality and mind-body space.








Claim Your Spot!

To book your Shamanic Reiki Master Training, please email Shannon at [email protected] with your Full Name & your intention for joining the training. I look forward to sharing these powerful practices with you!